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December 2022

When it comes to protecting your equipment, climate-controlled enclosures take the cake. Unlike most structures, these prefabricated shelters are intended for protective and practical use rather than aesthetic appeal. They can be constructed in a wide range of sizes and shapes based on customer needs and requirements. And when in operation for long periods of time, they can include features like climate control so that employees and equipment has the right temperature and humidity to thrive during use.

Lasers are more common than not in today's multivaried manufacturing. But they come with requirements and dangers, and thus are often enclosed. What are the pros and cons of different enclosures? Which one woulb be the best for your project. We urge you to consider our modular solutions! Our modular laser enclosure is designed to fit the largest possible range of lasers on the market. Our innovative sizing system means you can build a custom enclosure uniquely tailored to your laser enclosure's size, allowing you to modify your machine's dimensions in the future as needed.

A common question our sales and engineering staff gets is this: "Why should I consider an enclosure for my machine?" As a top-rated modular machine enclosure manufacture, we have many answers. But the best answer is one-on-one. Reach out for a free consultation on your project, and let our engineering sales staff know the details of your needs. We're confident we can explain how a modular machine enclosure solution can be the best for you.

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