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RFID Enclosures

RFID Enclosures

Using our modular RFID enclosure, you can start tracking all of your assets in days rather than weeks. Our manufacturing and installation is about 80% faster and less messy than traditional construction.


We manufacture a simple RFID enclosure to keep the data in. By using an entirely metal enclosure, we can safely enclose radio frequency identification. When coding RFID tags as an example, they need to be done in a secure environment to keep any outside source from reading the electromagnetic coupling in the radio frequency. 

RFID tags are certainly a wave of the future and they need to be kept secure. RFID uses an electromagnetic field to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. This technology employs a microchip with an antenna that broadcasts a unique identifier and the location of the receiver. Regardless of the size of enclosure that you want, we can provide an RFID enclosure for production environments from a small 8′ x 8′ to thousands of square feet.

Why Consider an Enclosure for Your Machine? Some Key Reasons.


Each of our enclosures is engineered to suit the unique needs of the machine and our clients.


The nature of modular construction allows us to build your enclosure with nearly any cladding.


All our enclosures are expertly installed by our factory trained and certified team of tradesmen.


We at Machine Enclosure.Com look forward to helping you design and build your machine enclosure. Please click the button below to request a quote from one of our machine enclosure experts, who will guide you through all steps of the engineering and construction process to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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