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Print Enclosures

Print Enclosures

There are dozens of reasons to use a printer enclosure. It could be as simple as cleanliness, which in high volumes can be extremely costly if the environment is not clean. One of the biggest reasons that we have seen businesses choose our best-in-class printing machine enclosures over the past few decades is odor control, ink containment, maintenance and lighting. Each one of these is a different function that needs to be considered in the overall design of a printer enclosure. 

Ink containment can be a real mess and if there is no way to stop the ink from splashing, the manufacturing floor will be extremely messy and stained forever. Your people have it all over their hands, clothing and it could jeopardize the next run if not cleaned properly.

Odor control is a good reason to enclosure a  machine. In a large printing environment, the smell of ink gives some people a headache even if it’s non-toxic. We have designed printing machine enclosures to go around printing presses and exhaust the air outside or through a series of filters to keep in negative pressure inside the printer enclosure and the plant smelling clean.

When designing a printing enclosure, there are so many things to consider one of the biggest one is maintenance. Removable panels, doors or other ways to access the equipment to maintain it is crucial. And if need be, it should be easy enough to take down completely and move an entire section of the machine or expand the enclosure as necessary as the line increases and/or decreases.

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Each of our enclosures is engineered to suit the unique needs of the machine and our clients.


The nature of modular construction allows us to build your enclosure with nearly any cladding.


All our enclosures are expertly installed by our factory trained and certified team of tradesmen.


We at Machine Enclosure.Com look forward to helping you design and build your machine enclosure. Please click the button below to request a quote from one of our machine enclosure experts, who will guide you through all steps of the engineering and construction process to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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