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Machine Enclosures and Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting is a Key Reason to Enclosure Machinery

We take light for granted. Good lighting makes efficient, safe work easier and more reliable. It may be counterintuitive, but it’s true. “Enclosing” a machine can lead to better lighting. This is because an effective, modern CNC machine equipment enclosure can provide better lighting. Indeed, one of the reasons to use a CNC machine enclosure is in fact, “better lighting.”

When cutting intricate details whether it be in metal, plastic or even wood, the machine operator needs to see clearly. You’ve paid a lot of money for that CNC machine, and a lot of money to the technician, and probably a lot of money is at stake on the quality of the cut. Don’t cut corners. Speak with one of our representatives on how modern, efficient, machine enclosures can help you safeguard your investment. And this isn’t even to address safety: good lighting helps with safety throughout the process.Machine Enclosures and Proper Lighting

The Right Lighting

Having the right lighting is extremely important to be able to see all the detail in the parts that you are manufacturing.

Different lighting produces different results and although you may think that the lighting you have is fine, until you change it you get a really different perspective. There are basically for types of lighting on the market today they are halogen, incandescent, florescent and LED. Each one offers different spectrums for you to see the detail properly. It does not take much for you to test each one of these and find the right solution for you. (We would not recommend halogen lighting. These are hot, expensive and bad for the environment.)

We have found that LED lighting, produces less energy, low heat and provides you a full spectrum of colors to choose from. From 3000 K to 5000 K produces incredible results and is easy on your eyes. It produces much softer shadows in areas that may not have direct light. Our design team can help you choose the best machine enclosure for your job, and the best lighting to go alone with it.  “Let there be light,” as they say.

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